About Our Club

The Airdrie Judo Club is a long-standing and well-established Judo club in Alberta. Year after year we send and help fund a multitude of local students to participate in competitions at the provincial, national, and international levels. However, while tournaments and competition have become a big part of Judo, we still like to focus on more than just fighting. Here, we try to promote both self-improvement and acheivement in our students. Outside of competitions, some of the underspoken benefits of Judo are better health, weight management, building (and increasing) strength, learning self-defense techniques, bully proofing and prevention, and most importantly an increased sense of self-confidence.

With several skilled instructors, we run a variety of classes for practically any age category. Judo is for everyone, and is practiced by people from every walk of life in Alberta, Canada, and around the world.

Our Classes

Pre-Judo (Age 4*-6)

Pre-Judo is one of the first steps an individual can take to be introduced to the Olympic sport of Judo. This class focuses on the principles of Judo taught in a fun and relaxed environment.

A mix of fun Judo games, judo specific and non-specific exercises with interactive drills are used to develop overall body control incluing balance, coordination, faster reflexes, self-awareness, and awareness of others.

Some of the other benefits of participating in Judo are developing self-confidence, discipline, self-esteem, and the respect for oneself and others, while creating role models for our families, friends and our community.

Judo is a great physical exercise that is safe and promotes strength, power, agility and flexibility while instilling concentration and a sharp mind!

Pre-Judo starts to lay the groundwork for developing Judo specific skills once they are old enough for the Recreational Junior class. These classes are limited in size, so be sure to register early to reserve a spot.

* Although we accept 4 year olds, we prefer they be enrolled in preschool, to help with the concept of a classroom environment.

Recreational Juniors (Age 7-11)

The recreational class picks up where Pre-Judo leaves off, with a large focus on the basic techniques and principles of Judo. The class retains a fun and relaxed environment, but has a larger focus on understanding the nature and spirit of Judo, from a foundational level.

This class also retains a mix of games and Judo-specific and non-specific exercises, with slightly elevated activity levels, as the class runs longer than Pre-Judo. For students who have never tried Judo before, and are too old for Pre-Judo, this is the class we recommend to start them off until they grasp the basics.

This class, like Pre-Judo, has a limited number of spots available, however, you can register for this class at any time, even outside our regular registration schedule.

Junior Competitive Program (Age 8-11)

The junior competitive program is for our higher level athletes, who have already demonstrated their knowledge of breakfalls and basic techniques. This class ramps up in intensity from the recreational judo class, and is aimed for athletes who wish to compete at the provincial and national levels.

Students in this class can expect to travel and compete when the opportunity arises, against other athletes from across the country.

Unlike Pre-Judo and the Recreational class, there is no limit to this class size, however for new registrations we usually ask that students attend the recreational class while they get acquainted with the art.

Seniors Competitive Class (Age 12+)

The seniors class is a competitive program for students who have been immersed in Judo, and want to continue to the next level. The class combines strength training, circuits, sparring, and technical instruction for athletes who want to compete at provincial and national levels.

In the seniors class, students can expect to travel and compete at provincial and national tournaments, as well as attend provincial and national training camps. Like the Junior Competitive class, there is no limit to the number of students in this class.

The seniors class will run four times a week, with two classes focusing on technical & circuit training, and two classes devoted to randori (sparring / free-practice) & weight training. Our club has our own weight room and plenty of equipment, and athletes will be instructed on how to use the equipment safely and effectively.

Typical Session

A typical session will start and end with a formal bow. The students line up opposite the sensei (instructors), and bow in a kneeling position. This is a traditional formality and is done as a sign of respect, from the students towards the instructors for what they learn, and from the instructors to the students for their time and attention.

This is followed by a warm up that will be specific to the planned session. Warming up prepares the body for action, and incorporates movements that the students will be practicing throughout the session. Afterwards, we follow this with breakfall practice (ukemi). To break one's fall is to be able to land safely without injury after falling or being thrown.

We continue with directed instruction and free practice, as well as as specific training drills to reinforce the skills required for Judo. Finally, our practices conclude with a cool down, a check for well-being, notices, and another formal bow.